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It's Fair'ly Important News from the Fair Office

March 5, 2021

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GCFFY Announces New FairEntry System

We are excited to tell you about our new online Fair Entry System. All animal pre-registrations, class registrations and still exhibits will utilize this new system. With FairEntry we can accomplish all kinds of new check-in processes, reporting, class splits, public results pages, buyers lists and reports from the auctions. We are extremely excited about what this is going to allow the Board and Superintendents to do with the click of a button before, during and after fair week. If you want to get a head start on your family's entry check it out at

A second piece to this entry system change is that we will be charging each exhibitor a $7.00 fee - this is PER exhibitor NOT per entry. If there are two children in exhibiting at the fair there will be a $14 charge, four kids $28. This fee will help to cover the cost of the new entry system and insurance.

Please make sure after you register your family that you only enter your exhibitors once. Once the exhibitor is in the system you can go back and add multiple entries for each exhibitor. You will not have to enter an exhibitor more than once. If you have difficulties please reference the video below or those on the Facebook page.

**At this time we have NOT integrated our FairEntry program with 4-H Online so you will have to make a FairEntry Family login before you can enter exhibitors or entries.**

Tips for Exhibitors Making Online Entries:

  • Recommended browsers: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Older versions of Internet Explorer may cause unexpected behavior.

  • Register all entries for each exhibitor in the family before proceeding to the Payment section.

  • Be sure to click the “Submit” button when you have completed your entries. Entries are not final until they have been submitted.

  • Check your email inbox for a confirmation email with a list of your entries and any related fees.

  • You will receive a second email when your entries have been approved by your fair.

There are a few of ways to get your FairEntry questions answered. They have a terrific site full of videos to help explain how to register a family and make an entry. You can find one such video here Or you can check out their Help Desk site,

2021 Fair Dates- July 31- August 7

The 2021 fair dates are Saturday, July 31 thru Saturday, August 7, 2021. We are planning to host a "normal" fair this year and hope to see many of our youth back this year for a great week. If we need to pivot due to regulations we will make that decision by July 1. Look for more updates in the next couple of months.

USDA introduces new 840 tags for Swine

According to Public Act 466 of the Animal Industry Act official identification for exhibition swine is required by state law. The purpose of official identification is to help the state track swine if a disease outbreak occurs, this is called traceability. This includes all swine being shown at exhibitions, including county fairs, jackpot shows, birthing exhibits and other events. Official identification is imprinted with a nationally unique official animal identification number and bears the official U.S. shield. These tags are called USDA 840 tags. Each exhibitor is responsible for having one on their swine project at the fair.

This can be done by the exhibitor purchasing a pig that has already been tagged by the breeder with a USDA 840, or by ordering USDA 840 tags. Exhibitors are strongly encouraged to request the tags are placed in the pig before purchasing them. Currently, there is no requirement for the breeder to provide official identification or 840 tags when selling animals.

A Premises Identification Number is required to purchase 840 tags from USDA approval suppliers. If you would like to obtain a PIN number, you will need to register your premises with the state of Michigan by calling MDARD at 1-888-565-8626. It is important to remember that PINs are assigned to a physical address, not an individual. If you move locations, your PIN will not remain the same. You can also call the number listed above to obtain a previously assigned PIN. If you have further questions about the USDA 840 tags please check out these links,, or contact the MSU Extension Swine Educator Casey Zangaro Cell: 785-285-2127 Office Ph: 989-875-5292 Email:

Entry Form Registration Dates To register for any of these exhibits go to Market Beef Registration February 17, 2021 Market Feeder Registration April 15, 2021 PeeWee Animal Declaration May 17, 2021 Horse Registration May 17, 2021 Market Sheep Registration May 17, 2021 Market Swine Registration May 17, 2021 Market Goat Registration May 17, 2021 Fair Queens June 10, 2021 Small Animal Fair Entry Class Registration July 10, 2021 Non-Market Large Animal Declaration July 10, 2021 All Other Class Registrations – (Including PeeWees) July 10, 2021 Off Road Vehicle Registration -- Price increases after July 23, 2021 Talent Show Registration July 23, 2021

Ear Tags for Market Animals All market animal ear tags are available at the Fair Office. There will NOT be a charge for tags this year as we are using up the tags we have on hand. You will be able to pick-up ear tags from MSU Extension beginning next week (March 8). Either Joan or Kami will be in the office Monday - Thursdays. If you decide to pick up at the Extension office please call the office (989) 875-5233 to make an appointment to pick up tags. They still have COVID guidelines to follow when opening their door, i.e., wearing masks and six foot social distancing is a requirement. If you are in town and want to swing by you can even call from the parking lot but they are unable to keep their office completely open to the public. Lunch hour may be the only time they are unavailable. The Fair Office will be open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 am - 2:30 pm and often Fridays during those times as well. If you need to make special arrangements because those times do not work for you please give the office a call or email

SAVE THE DATE -- Dinner Dance Fundraiser 2021

We are excited to host a Dinner Dance this year as one of our annual fundraisers. We have set a tentative date of April 16th at the Elks Club in Alma. Mark your calendar! We will have a campsite up for auction and several other items available. We can't wait to spend time together in the same room.

Fair Board Members for 2020-21 Kent Humm - President Lindsey Giles-Austin - Treasurer Jake Cary - Vice President Becky Hirschman - Secretary Larry Richards Josh Hitsman Kipp Krenz Keegan Humm Clay Mills Jason Lombard Jessica Truax Adam Wood Ben Cary - Teen Rep Gabe Pritchard - Teen Rep For more information and updates check out our Facebook and Instagram pages, and Until next month stay safe and warm out there!


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